ISAAC Australia’s own Janelle Sampson wins Community Award!

There are a lot of things I could say about Janelle Sampson, she is just a fantastic

woman full stop.

Janelle has taken a tremendous business risk this year and has started running

workshops by people who use AA C, which is inspiring the AA C community in

South Australia in so many ways.

Mel Smith says, I had the privilege of working closely with Janelle in November

2014 on a mentor project connected with two way street and funded by Julia Farr

Foundation, it was probably the most rewarding and enjoyable weeks in my career

as an AA C user. Janelle was incredible to work with, because she was so

passionately professional about everything and everyone. She certainly made me

feel highly valued and confident in all areas of my knowledge and expertise, and this

made my week in Adelaide incredibly easy. Janelle always makes the time to listen,

to offer advice as a mentor or colleague would and never does she take over from

one’s original ideas or suggestions. Janelle is an extremely dedicated communicator,

very clear in her mind what AA C is, and very positive at all times to learn from AA C

users themselves I am extremely proud to know this woman professionally and