Are you ready for AAC Awareness month?

October is AAC awareness month. Have you thought about what you would like to do to celebrate?  Here are some ideas:

Host a silent morning tea.  You can find all the information you need here: .

Raise funds for ISSAC Australia with “I have something to say” wristbands – available for $2 each from Meredith Allan

Advertise the ISAAC 2018 international conference on the Gold Coast with fridge magnets, also available from Meredith.

Or stay tuned for an exciting ISAAC Australia opportunity… details to follow!




AAC Voice Halloween picnic

Thanks to Fiona Given for this article:

AAC Voice Halloween Picnic
This year AAC Voice marked AAC Awareness Month by hosting a Halloween themed picnic on the 31st October at the Kokoda Memorial Track picnic area in Rhodes.
We really appreciated the people who were new to AAC Voice, especially those who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), who came.
People used a range of low tech and high tech AAC. We also had a variety of AAC methods demonstrated on the day. These included PODD communication systems, Liberator communication devices and Key Word Sign NSW.
There were witches and fairies. The picnic area was decorated in true Halloween style with Halloween balloons, tablecloths and even a pumpkin!
The greatest thing about this year’s event was the diversity of the people who came. There were people who used AAC, speech pathologists, owner and chef from a nearby pizza restaurant, an audiologist, a teacher, a GP and a social worker. We really did raise awareness of AAC

AAC Awareness Month – Photo competition

October is AAC awareness month, and ISAAC Australia is proud to announce our inaugural AAC photo competition. To be in the running to win a prize, email your photos to, or tweet to @isaacaus (#aacpics). The competition closes on 30/10/15. All photos showcasing AAC are welcome. Good luck!

Guest post- Scope Victoria celebrates AAC Awareness month

Scope celebrates ISAAC’s International AAC Awareness month by encouraging people to get together during October to share a Silent Morning Tea.
The concept for a Silent Morning Tea was developed by staff at Scope’s Communication Resource Centre in 2007 and held annually at Scope’s Central Office.
In 2012, the event was publicised more widely. More than 60 services and organisation registered to participate. In 2013 this number grew to 143 registrations, including three international registrations.
Participants in Scope’s Silent Morning Tea received a bingo game to play without using speech and a variety of communication boards. Participants were encouraged to use pen and paper, communication apps and key word sign/gesture to get their message across. There was also a video online highlighting AAC awareness month and introducing the Silent Morning Tea.
Some comments about the Silent Morning Tea included:
“Experienced the frustration that people with communication difficulties must experience all the time”
“A great way to raise awareness”
The Silent Morning Tea was a great way to raise awareness about augmentative and alternative communication. Scope hopes that the Silent Morning Tea will continue to grow in numbers each year.
Scope is a Victorian disability service provider, providing services to 4,097 people with a disability. For further information visit