ISAAC International Lisbon- updates

Hi everyone, 

The 2014 international conference is fast approaching!

Check out the website for updates and information 

Some important points to note from Franklin at the international office

here is transportation provided for all Conference 2014 registrants between the “ISAAC’s Picks” hotels and the Lisboa Conference Centre.

We are also working with our conference organizing company in Lisbon to have a full document of important information (ie medical, assistive device repair, wheelchair repair, services, etc.) created and made available on the ISAAC website.

BTW, the information about the transportation is up on the ISAAC website, at, and was also included in broadcast emails that we had sent when the system opened for registration.

Stay tuned for more info about the ISAAC-Australia scholarship opportunities. 

Guest post- Scope Victoria celebrates AAC Awareness month

Scope celebrates ISAAC’s International AAC Awareness month by encouraging people to get together during October to share a Silent Morning Tea.
The concept for a Silent Morning Tea was developed by staff at Scope’s Communication Resource Centre in 2007 and held annually at Scope’s Central Office.
In 2012, the event was publicised more widely. More than 60 services and organisation registered to participate. In 2013 this number grew to 143 registrations, including three international registrations.
Participants in Scope’s Silent Morning Tea received a bingo game to play without using speech and a variety of communication boards. Participants were encouraged to use pen and paper, communication apps and key word sign/gesture to get their message across. There was also a video online highlighting AAC awareness month and introducing the Silent Morning Tea.
Some comments about the Silent Morning Tea included:
“Experienced the frustration that people with communication difficulties must experience all the time”
“A great way to raise awareness”
The Silent Morning Tea was a great way to raise awareness about augmentative and alternative communication. Scope hopes that the Silent Morning Tea will continue to grow in numbers each year.
Scope is a Victorian disability service provider, providing services to 4,097 people with a disability. For further information visit

Official ISAAC-Australia twitter chat for International AAC awareness month- Oct 14th 8pm (AEDT)

Join @isaacaus ISAAC-Australia on October 14 at 8pm AEDT for a Twitter chat (#AACaware) to celebrate AAC!


Every year, October is International Society for Augmentative & Alternative Communication (ISAAC)’s International AAC Awareness Month. AAC stands for Alternative and Augmentative Communication. Examples of AAC include electronic communication aids, communication books, and sign or gesture.

At ISAAC-Australia, we think Twitter is a great way to raise awareness in many people about communicating more effectively with people who have little or no speech, or need AAC.


On the 14th October, we’re running a moderated Twitter Chat, at 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Here’s the link for all countries


Everyone is welcome to join the ISAAC-Australia Twitter chat using the tag #AACaware. This includes people who use AAC and their family members, people who work with people who use AAC, and industry members who create AAC products.


Here are the topics that we will discuss, so please join us and have a say:

Icebreaker: Introduce yourself and what you love about Twitter for communicating.

T2. What would you really like ‘the world’ to know about AAC communication? #AACaware

T3. What can we all do better when communicating with a person who uses AAC? #AACaware

T4. Can we use Twitter as a way to include people who use AAC in discussions? #AACaware


 Make sure you add the hashtag #AACaware to your tweet when replying or answering a topic. Use the T1 if you want your comment to relate specifically to the first topic, and so on.




AAC Awareness Month

October is fast approaching and so is AAC Awareness month!

Check out this initiative from Scope in Victoria.

Register to host a Silent Morning Tea in October to raise awareness of the many ways to communicate!


What will you be doing to raise awareness about AAC in October?

Silent Auction at AGOSCI conference May 2013

ISAAC Australia had the pleasure of attending the AGOSCI conference ( in Sydney in May. 

ISAAC Aust has a long standing relationship with AGOSCI and host a silent auction each year. The funds raised at the silent auction go towards supporting people who use AAC to attend the ISAAC international conference. The next conference is in Lisbon, Portugal in 2014. 


The items at the silent auction were quirky, different, personal and interesting. There was something for everyone! Many people were locked in fierce battles for that item they had to have.

Thank you to everyone who donated the many and varied items. The auction raised an outstanding total of $892! A great success. 

Many thanks to AGOSCI for their support, Bronwyn Hemsley and Meredith Allan for their tireless work. And to everyone who purchased something!

ISAAC- Australia Awards 2013.

ISAAC Australia Awards Nomination Form 2013 

ISAAC- Australia Awards 2013.

Every two years, ISAAC-Australia recognizes those people who are making a difference in the world of AAC, and the places that are supporting them to do so.

Do you know someone you would like us to recognise? Please put in a nomination for the 2013 ISAAC-Australia Awards.

ISAAC-Australia is calling for nominations in 4 categories. You can nominate anyone– not only ISAAC members.

1. The Foundation Award – This award is for someone who has shown improvement in the use of AAC in any way at all. Prize – Framed Certificate + Free membership ISAAC-AUSTRALIA for 1 year + $50

2. The Community Award – This award is for someone who actively uses AAC in the community. This contributes to advancing the use and acceptance of AAC in the community. Prize – Framed Certificate + Free membership ISAAC-AUSTRALIA for 1 year + $50

3. The School/Organisation Award – This award is for a school or organization that has shown outstanding recognition and acceptance of AAC for someone who learns, works or participates there. Prize – Framed Certificate + a copy of “Beneath the Surface”- an ISAAC Publication + Free membership ISAACAUSTRALIA for 1 year

4. The Information Award – This award is for work that raises awareness of AAC. It includes articles, lectures, public appearances, radio interviews or public work of art Prize – Framed Certificate + Free membership ISAAC AUSTRALA for 1 year + $50


Criteria for judging the awards:The awards committee of ISAACAUSTRALIA

(presently the Executive Committee) will judge nominations for awards. The judgement is made on two criteria:

(i) How has the use of AAC had a positive effect for the person.

(ii) How has the use of AAC as you describe it helped to advance AAC in the person’s community, State, or Australia?.

The winners will be announced at the ISAAC-Australia lunchtime meeting at the AGOSCI conference in Sydney 1-4 May 2013 . The winners will be announced even if they are not present.

All nominations must be in by March 28th 2013

These must be sent to the secretary of ISAAC Australia by email by mail: Gemma Holleran: 17 Ormonde Road Ferntree Gully 3156 VIC