Sue Stephens wins ISAAC Australia Community Award

The ISAAC Australia Community Award goes to someone who actively uses AA C in

the community and actively contributes to the use of AAC in the community. This

award goes to Sue Stevens in Eltham, Victoria.

Sue is a dispensary technician at a community pharmacy in Hampton

East. Amongst her customers are a number of people with disabilities.

Sue makes an effort to communicate with customers using their

preferred methods. She has picked up a few key word signs from her

regular customers and puts these to use.

In 2014, Sue was featured in the “Good Things” video. The video

showed Sue using simple Key Word sign to communicate with a

customer. Since the video was released, Sue has had a lot of feedback

from customers and acquaintances and has developed an interest in

disability. She has gone on to study in the field.

Congratulations Sue.