AGOSCI Conference Sydney May 2013

AGOSCI Conference Sydney May 2013

This conference is a fantastic event run by AGOSCI. Members of ISAAC-Australia are also involved in preparing for the conference. AGOSCI and ISAAC-Australia co-operate to ensure that all people in Australia know about Augmentative and Alternative Communication. AGOSCI help ISAAC’s mission by supporting our ‘Silent Auction’ at the conference to raise funds for people who use AAC in Australia to travel to the International conference of ISAAC (Lisbon, 2014) by partly funding the costs of the exhibit table. AGOSCI also put time in the program during lunch one day for ISAAC-Australia members to meet and have their AGM – a rare chance for many around the country to get together. Non-members are welcome to observe the AGM.

The AGOSCI conference in Sydney will be one of the best ever with a fantastic program and keynote speakers – and above all, with an amazing group of delegates and presenters including teachers working in special education, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, children and adults with communication disabilities, physiotherapists, psychologists, and counsellors. We do hope to meet you there!



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